Too often small business owners, like you, are working long hours, leaving the office late and getting paid last – not what you signed up for, right?

At insilico, we can help you turn that around!

Whether it’s better use of your existing systems, or development of a custom piece of software designed specifically for your business, we can help.

Or maybe you just need a coach, a mentor or perhaps just someone who knows about technology you can use as a sounding board for those crazy entrepreneurial ideas you have as a small business owner, then we can help.

Or perhaps you have a technology problem that you can’t solve, or software that doesn’t work how you expected – we have expertise in many areas of commonly used technology.

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Networking and mastermind groups

Would you like to join a group of like-minded business people to discuss ways you could implement technology better in your business?

Then why not register your interest in our next Business and Technology Mastermind group?

We meet monthly in person over coffee and lunch to discuss our businesses, the technology we use and how we can improve both.


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But, what’s so great about Mastermind Groups?

It was thanks to Napoleon Hill, author of the epic best-selling book Think and Grow Rich, that most of us first heard about Mastermind Groups.

In his case, they were virtual; he envisaged a table around which were seated the world’s greatest scholars and thinkers – both past and present – where he posed questions and then imagined what their answers would be.

Trouble is, many of us second guess this type of reflection and so an in-person mastermind group can help provide that sense of confidence some of us need.


So what if you could sit with other people from different industries and be able to openly and frankly discuss your business challenges, safe in the knowledge that no one in the group will steal your ideas and use them to lure your clients away.

You could ask those questions that have been plaguing you and get useful, practical and workable answers from a group of business saavy peers.

And, for my part, I can offer insights into the technology you can use to bring these answers and ideas to life.


And then there’s accountability…

How many times have you told yourself “I’ll do X by Wednesday” and 2 weeks later it’s still not done because you let yourself off the hook. Again.

No more!

Each meeting you will set a goal to push your business forward – big or small, doesn’t matter – and you will announce it to the group.

At the following meeting you will be asked how you went.

Hopefully you smashed it but if you didn’t then the group can help you dissect your stumbling blocks so you can try again until you do smash it!

Now this can be scary but it’s this kind of gentle accountability that can help you break through the barriers and excuses you’ve had in your business and can get you the success that you imagined when you first started.


And last, but by no means least, there is the networking.

You’ll be hanging around other successful business men and women – and that stuff rubs off.

You’ll develop friendships and trust and you can be sure that if they meet someone who needs what you offer they’ll put you forward – not because they get “points” but because they know, like and trust you!

So really good ,warm leads instead of calling a “hot lead” from a networking group to find out the person has never heard of you…


So what are you waiting for?

You’re new, improved business could be just around the corner…

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