future computing

Simplifying Business with Custom Software

Remember the science fiction of the 1960s? Promises of a utopian future with technology helping us every step of the way – making our lives and our work easier than ever? On TV, Gene Roddenberry, creator of Star Trek, showed us a future where everyone worked harmoniously alongside some amazing technological devices taking care of […]

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ultrasonic testing

NDT Job Management System

What was the problem/pain that you/your business was experiencing? Our business was operating on a half hand written/ half manual pc input job booking, reporting and invoicing system, the growth of the business was being hampered by the delays and mistakes being made in the transfer of manual to digital data, copious amounts double entry […]

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Plant Hire Database

PHS are a plant hire company who are using a number of databases to run their operations.
We were able to provide guidance, maintenance and new development as these systems grew along side their business.

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Not just building websites…

Most of you know insilico as a web design and development company. But we are much more… But before i continue why should you care? Well because I think we can help you. The days of businesses just building websites are now a fading memory. With business owners catching on to the idea that their […]

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