SimplyFile Ribbon UI

Have you tried SimplyFile?

First up, apologies to you Mac users, this is a Windows product but I’m sure there’s something similar. A good friend of mine introduced me to SimplyFile when we were both implementing David Allen’s GTD. The basic premise is Do It Now (<2 minutes), schedule it or delegate it and SimplyFile does that and more. […]

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ultrasonic testing

NDT Job Management System

What was the problem/pain that you/your business was experiencing? Our business was operating on a half hand written/ half manual pc input job booking, reporting and invoicing system, the growth of the business was being hampered by the delays and mistakes being made in the transfer of manual to digital data, copious amounts double entry […]

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warehouse, inventory

Inventory System

Bernini Stone & Tile are a supplier of high quality, natural stones and tiles from around the world, including marble, granite, sandstone, onyx and more, whether it’s for home or for business.
They required a custom developed system to cater for their unique implementation of inventory due to the natural of stone in that it is never identical in texture, grade, etc.
Like most of the systems we develop, this one changed as business requirements also changed and evolved.

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Plant Hire Database

PHS are a plant hire company who are using a number of databases to run their operations.
We were able to provide guidance, maintenance and new development as these systems grew along side their business.

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Haven’t you forgotten something?

It seems like much of our time spent running our businesses is spent obsessing over a myriad different compliance and registration issues. From company registrations to motor vehicle licences to employee certifications there are a plethora of things to remember to comply with. How do you manage? Is it in an Excel spreadsheet? Or do […]

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