Haven’t you forgotten something?

It seems like much of our time spent running our businesses is spent obsessing over a myriad different compliance and registration issues.

From company registrations to motor vehicle licences to employee certifications there are a plethora of things to remember to comply with.

How do you manage?

Is it in an Excel spreadsheet?
Or do you store them all in Outlook?
Or a part of a broader whole-of-business system?

Is it shared? Or is it on one PC where everyone has to ask the owner for access?

And most importantly, is it active or passive?
Does it remind you when things a due?
Or do you have to open it each day to get a list of items to attend to?

Or do you just trust to luck that someone sends you the appropriate paperwork?

This last option is not such a good idea as we discovered recently.

Our cars were registered at our old office address but we’ve moved both the business and our home in the last 12 months and even though we had used the online services, since these were company vehicles, the paperwork went to the old business addresses.

Presumably they with got binned by the new tenant or returned to sender where they were subsequently discarded because they never reached us.

Time passed. Registrations lapsed. More time passed.

And then the worst thing that could happen did: 2 days before Christmas one of the vehicles was stopped and the driver advised that the vehicle was not licensed. Turns out it hadn’t been for 3 months and so now needed a vehicle inspection, as did the other vehicle.

The vehicle licensing centres were fully booked so the suggested using a mechanic to carry out the check. Do you know how many mechanics a open on Christmas eve? Not many!

Anyway we managed to get one car sorted out before Christmas but it was not without its stresses so this just highlighted for us how useful an active compliance and registration reminder system is.

Even a simple Excel spreadsheet that lives on your server, is opened daily via a scheduled task and sends notification emails is better than nothing.

Do you have something in place?

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