Inventory System

What was the problem/pain that you/your business was experiencing?

Due to the specialized nature of the product we market we were unable to utilise a proprietary inventory control system. The system we needed as well as the normal requirements had to accommodate multiple fields, incoming (temporary) stock, and client hold orders. Reporting for these extra levels also required.

How has the system I built helped you?

Being custom designed the system has addressed every requirement, standard and specialised. It is used as a primary tool for our inventory management and sales teams, and is an indispensable tool in the choice, count, storage and management of our primary product.

Why would you recommend me to others?

Dedicated attention to detail, ability to marry the technical build with our everyday working requirement. Your skill to properly understand the needs of the client. Solid reliable end product. Excellent after sales service. Good value.

Bill Warren, General Manager
Bernini Stone and Tile



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