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May 2018

Is this your day?

You get to the office early, thinking you’ll get a head start before anyone gets to the office.

You sit at your desk and see that Gary, who was still here after you left at 7pm last night, has dropped 20-odd job folders into your tray for checking. They were all gone when you left – that’s why you left so late.

You resign yourself to spending the morning clearing this fresh pile but before you do that you quickly check your emails. That was a mistake.

There are 75 new emails overnight – adding to the 1500+ already there. You’ll never clear this backlog. What was all that rubbish about “Inbox Zero”.

And then you see it: an email from your “snow leopard” customer – that most elusive of clients – the one without whom you would have gone out of business months ago. They send you a steady, constant stream of work and pay well BUT they always want it yesterday…

And this time is no exception.: “Monday will be fine” – but that means your plans for the weekend just went up in smoke and you’ll need to ask your staff to work as well.

This is not the day you planned – now or when you started the business 5 years ago.

And while you’re contemplating all that, Cindy drops another pile of jobs for checking on your desk.

Maybe it’s time to get a “real job”…


Don’t you wish you could just press a Big Red Button to do all your paperwork?

Compare this to Andy’s day…

“Andy” (not is real name) is a client of mine.

When I first met Andy he pointed at his pile of folders and said “that’s completed jobs that need to be invoiced”.

And that was just the tip of the iceberg.

You see Andy had some idea of what was possible because he had seen it at his last job so now, here in his own business, he could implement some things to make his life easier and to help him increase his profits.

And so we started working together…

Initially I built Andy a shiny new system to run his business.

  • He selects a client
  • He enters some information about the job for this client
  • He presses his Big Red Button

His system automatically generates job files and reports in Word so they can be edited easily.

This worked so well that we added to his system and now he has Big Red Buttons for:

  • Saving his reports as PDFs so they can be emailed
  • Sends Client and Job information to MYOB automatically for invoicing.
  • Uploading his PDF reports to his website along with job info so his clients can see ALL their reports in one place.
  • And more changes besides… (and more to come)

You see, Andy is a thinker. He’d ring me with a brain wave and ask “is this possible?”.
I would most often respond “yes”.
What about this? “yes”
And this? “yes”
OK here’s a tricky one… “hmmm, let me look into it for you”
And more often than not, we could do something close.

Andy knows the benefit of good business systems. He’s seen them in action and has first hand experience of how they can transform a business.

And transformed it was.

And Andy isn’t the only satisfied customer.


I first worked with “Bill” over 15 years ago and when asked recently he told me “…they couldn’t run their business without my systems”.


I started working with “Phil”, another long time client, by modifying with an existing system which I have enhanced for them over the past (probably) 20 years.


“Simon”, a more recent client, when asked why he uses my services had this to say:

“You care about what you do. You actually give a sh*t about the outcome and look to make sure we get the result we are after.

If you don’t know something or are unsure you won’t try and bluff your way through but will go away and research”


So let me ask you this: Is your business letting you down?

Is your business letting you down?

Are you the last to leave at the end of the day?

Are you missing out on precious moments like dinner with your partner or reading your kids a bedtime story?

Do you think that technology SHOULD be making your life easier?

Well, you’re right – IT SHOULD!!

You NEED a Big Red Button

If you’re like most small business owners, you’ve sunk a boatload of money into your business systems.

Between shiny new desktop PCs, powerful servers and all the software you think you need, you’ve probably invested 10s of 1,000s of dollars.

But let me ask you this: does it work?

With all that expense, has the technology made your business run better?

Or has it created more work simply so you can count your profits and report your earnings to the tax office?

There is a MUCH better way…


The Solution

In my 30+ years in IT I’ve come to realise that not everyone knows what I know, and not everyone has the luxury of time to sit back and think about their business from a distance.

So I offer you my services as a Technology Coach.

I will come to your office (or we can speak on the phone if you’re not in Perth) and review your business from a technology perspective.

Do you have enough? Or is it too much?

Do you have the right technology?

And does it all work together better so you can run your business better.


Talk to me..

If you think your technology should be working harder then let’s talk about your Big Red Button

Click the link below to pick a day and time that suits you and we’ll get on the phone to discuss your requirements.

Schedule time with me


Who is this for?

This is for business owners who have hit a ceiling in their operations.
They typically have 5-25 staff with an annual turnover of $2-5M.
They feel like they work harder than everyone else, including their I.T. systems and know there is a better way.
They often miss having dinner with the family and reading the kids a bedtime story.


Who is this NOT for?

This is NOT for the solopreneur (unless he can fully automate his business so that it generates upwards of $1M).
This is NOT for business owners who are afraid of technology and would rather use a ledger (unless they’re ready to embrace computers).
This is NOT for managers of businesses where change is frightening and should e avoided at all costs.


So if you think it’s time to crank up your business by leveraging your technology, book a call now!

Speak soon…

Paul O'Neill, Technology Coach, insilico

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