NDT Job Management System

What was the problem/pain that you/your business was experiencing?

Our business was operating on a half hand written/ half manual pc input job booking, reporting and invoicing system, the growth of the business was being hampered by the delays and mistakes being made in the transfer of manual to digital data, copious amounts double entry was chewing all job profit and turnaround times from the business, just because things has always been done that way really wasn’t working anymore.

How has the system I built helped you?

The business from then to now is unrecognisable, the change from a 3 person facility to a 26 person facility could not have taken place without the system, we have taken 30 minute tasks and changed them to 3-5 minute tasks even for those who are not computer savvy at all, errors are not made by those personnel either as the system will not allow the error to be carried forward, it allows peer review and authorisation and the most impressive part would be the ability to talk with other commercially available programs such as MYOB

Why would you recommend me to others?

Your Shoes! On a serious note though your personality and belief in your work and systems and your genuine enjoyment from solving someone’s problems by being a geek and making a computer do the hard work!

Kris Townend, Owner
Metlabs (Australia) Pty Ltd



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