This page is inspired by the Now Now Now project mentioned by Derek Sivers @Sivers on the Tim Ferriss podcast.


What I’m doing now:

Identifying the Elephant in the Room

I build business software and, in my opinion, it is an industry filled with “cowboys” and people trying to make a quick buck.

Now nothing wrong with that but in the process, the software industry is getting a bad rap.

You see software has no moving parts; nothing to wear out so there’s never any need to replace or repair anything.

And yet we are inundated with myriad stories of software failures from around the world.

Why? Because schedules are being dictated by the Finance department not the Quality department.

But this is all wrong!!!

We should be writing quality software from the ground up because (a) it can be done and (b) fixing bugs later in the project cycle is more expensive in the long run – take that to the Finance department.

Oh, and if you’re writing mobile apps – this still applies – though automated testing is a bit more difficult…

My mission, then, is to build the best software I can for my clients so they’ll never go anywhere else – and I think I’ve been reasonably successful as one client has said exactly that!


Developing a series of Mastery courses

I’ve been running my own business(es) for over 20 years now – mostly as a software and business consultant – and I’ve come to realise that while I didn’t really have a plan, I have certainly learnt some stuff along the way that could help other business owners/software developers.


The initial group of 4 courses are all about keeping your business running for the long haul.

In short, businesses need to attract the right customers, sell them the right products and keep them happy so they don’t go anywhere else. Simple, right?

Yes – but not easy. But what is easy is to fall into the “everyone is my customer” trap.

Sorry but you’re not Apple – least, not yet anyway.

Start small – niche down and service one group of customers so well they wouldn’t even think about going anywhere else.

More details here


The next group will be aimed at Developers who want to consult to businesses and “captain their own ship”.

My brief here is simple: software has no moving parts so therefore shouldn’t break (see above).

So my plan here is to produce a short set of Mastery courses around software design, development, (automated) testing and deployment.

Contact me if want to get on the early bird list.


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