Plant Hire Database

What was the problem/pain that you/your business was experiencing?

We first engaged insilico approximately eight years ago to make changes to an Access database which we had compiled for us by a previous consultant. Paul’s knowledge of access enabled us to improve and expand the data base reporting and features.
At the same time we had a subsidiary company that was in the labour hire industry and we need a program that was able to track employees on various projects and have a data base listing all their various skills and experience, so that we could quickly ascertain which employees would meet our clients requirements, We were very happy with Paul so we assigned this task for him to complete, which was done on time and within budget.

How has the system I built helped you?

Over the years various data bases had to be implemented due to requirements of our customers in regard to the hire of our equipment. We had meetings with Paul and he was give a brief of our requirements and was able to implement them and even made suggestions on how to improve the reporting and formats of the reports to be produced.

Why would you recommend me to others?

We are only too happy to recommend insilico to any prospective clients should you require any further information I am only too happy to be of any assistance.

Charles Allia, Company Accountant
PHS Pty Ltd



Clever Use of Technology

PHS requested that we build a standalone Quoting system for their sales team.

These guys would roam the North West, talking to clients and taking orders.

Once an order was approved, it was uploaded to a special website we built for PHS where it could be retrieved into their Hire database for conversion into a Hire Agreement.

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