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Simplifying Business with Custom Software

Are you living in the past? Want to live in the future? Simplify your business with custom software

Remember the science fiction of the 1960s? Promises of a utopian future with technology helping us every step of the way – making our lives and our work easier than ever?

On TV, Gene Roddenberry, creator of Star Trek, showed us a future where everyone worked harmoniously alongside some amazing technological devices taking care of the drudgery while we did the things that we loved to do.

What happened?

It was supposed to be cruisey by now – robots harvesting our food and building our cars, artificial intelligence anticipating our every need and fulfilling it. Life was supposed to be good.

Now back to reality!

Does your life look like this?
Does your business
Does your technology support you or hinder you?

For most people it hinders them – why?
Because they’ve only got the “starter pack”.

They bought a PC with Windows, Office and MYOB.
The sales guy told them that this was all they would need and they’d be productive in no time.

But at 11pm, long after everyone has gone home it’s kinda hard to believe him, isn’t it.
It’s long past time to go home to your family.
And it’s long past time you put up with this crap!

You need more – you need some add-ons.

Just like you downloaded a ton of apps on to your smartphone, you need some apps for your business.

Do you have a steady stream of clients to your business? If not, you need a Marketing add-on.

Do you have a way to track leads and opportunities? Then you need a CRM and Pipeline add-on .

What about job sheets and time tracking? Then you need an Operations add-on .

Invoicing, accounts and collections? Yep! An Accounts Management add-on .

And a way to manage all of this? Why a Policies and Procedures add-on of course.

And where do you get these add-ons? Where? From me!
I’ve been building add-ons since before they were called “ add-ons” – when they were just called programs – well over 30 years in fact, and over 20 years running my own business.

I’ve worked with all kinds of industries from small businesses in sales to government departments to national construction companies and multi-national mining and exploration companies.

Can I work with you? I don’t know yet but let’s find out.

Call me on 08 9200 4431 and leave your best contact details and time to call, and I’ll call you back so we can find out whether we can work together.

P.S. think about what you’re going to do after you’ve had dinner with the family….

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