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Ugly Websites Sell More

OK maybe it’s a bit of a stretch but the truth is that an ugly website can sell as well (if not better) than that gorgeous piece of online art you commissioned at great expense.

And I’m going to get some flack for this from the Web Industry who spend countless hours making your beautiful websites pixel perfect but, unless you’re cashed to the max or involved in some art house project, you don’t really need it (sorry guys).

Case in point: Craigslist (see image above) – not a popular site here in Australia (Gumtree isn’t much prettier either) but this site has literally made millions for its creator.

So why does it make money? Because it does what it does very, VERY well. It provides lists of stuff that people are looking for.

No frills. No fancy graphics. No flaming logos (1990’s IBM ad joke – probably funnier if you were there…)

It follows the basic rules of websites: make it obvious what the purpose of the website is and make it easy for the “right” people to do what you want them to do so they can get the result they want.


For example: I want you to have a website that makes you money. How do I engineer that?

Well, first I write posts like this that give you a behind-the-curtain look at websites and what is really involved.

You’ll learn why some websites costs $500 and some cost $500,000 and why more expensive is not necessarily better.


Next, I’ll encourage you to give it a try to see whether it’s within your skill set to build a rudimentary income-ready website for your business.

Now if you fail at this, no matter – you’ll have learnt some valuable lessons and when you talk to someone about building your website you’ll have a much better conversation.

For starters, then they ask you why you want a website you’ll answer “I want something that generates income” instead of “my accountant said I should have one and it’s deductible”.

And if you give it your best shot and it’s just a little beyond your pay grade then I’ll ask you if you need help and if I’ve done my job right you’ll say “yes” because I’ve told you want’s required and tried to show you but you’ve got other priorities.

You realise a good website helps your business but maybe leave it to someone who’s been doing this for a while…


Finally, having tried to help you as best I can I’ll give you something more: free lessons; the actual steps you need to carry out to build a modest business website.

Why? Partly because I’m a nice guy, partly because I want to help and partly because, if you struggle, you’ll probably ask me because I tried to help.


So, do you want that help now?

If you’ve made it this far then I’m sure the answer is “Yes” so here’s what to do:

Sign up for our 5 day Instant Website course.


Every day for the next 5 days I’ll send you the next step on building a suitable website for your business.

It’s not hard but if you’re not comfortable with online stuff, maybe you can commandeer a thirteen year old to help (fifteen year olds are better but they’ve discovered boys/girls/video games/etc…)

What have you got to lose?

Enter your best email address here and you’ll have lesson 1 before you know it.

Let’s get started

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